Take the friction out of your paywall.

Identify and charge readers through their mobile identity.

PayRead makes it effortless

for readers to sign up and pay you

Mobile identity
for signing up
Mobile operator billing
for payments

Make your paywall simple.

Give readers the option to sign up and pay with 1 click.


Today's paywalls are full of friction

Readers need to create yet another account. Readers need to put down their device to find their credit card. Readers need to type in a bunch of personal data.

PayRead takes the friction out of:

  • Subscription payments
  • Recurring and one-off contributions
  • Metered access and paid articles

How does it work?

  1. PayRead knows your reader's mobile identity thanks to our integrations with 350 telcos in 100+ countries

  2. PayRead uses this permission to create an account with you using their mobile identity

  3. When a reader wants to sign up, they give you permission to view their mobile identity

  4. If the reader now wishes to pay you, they simply do it through the same account

Frequently asked questions

PayRead relies on our telco partners (more than 300 of them) who give us permission to identify their users and collect payments from them. One integration with PayRead gives you the same capability when a reader wants to create an account or make a payment to you. Works for any device owner, whether they’re browsing from the web or inside an app.

There are no sign-up or recurring fees for using PayRead’s platform. We operate purely on a revenue share basis, taking a small cut from each authentication and transaction. Get in touch so we can give you a custom proposal.

Once you decide to launch PayRead, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager and an integration manager. These people will work with you to ensure a smooth integration, testing and launch process. If your payments solution is outsourced, we are also happy to work together with your development partner. No extra charges for any of this.

PayRead lets you easily change the price of the content that you sell, and also the duration of subscriptions. Without any additional technical work, you can easily configure 2-for-1 deals, discounts, giving readers free trial months etc.

We provide two options. If you want to manage the consumer interface yourself, you only need to integrate our payment processing API and have your UX team do the rest. We also have an SDK and web widget available if you wish us to handle the authentications and payment flows.

On mobile devices, we are able to detect the user's phone number automatically, which means users do not have to enter any additional information to sign up or confirm payments. On desktop devices, we ask the user for their phone number, which they will then confirm with a PIN-code sent to their mobile device.

The amount of money that the user can pay for using their mobile phone bill depends on the country. In Europe for example, the upper limit is €50 per transaction and €300 per month.

We work a lot with enterprise companies and know you don’t really need yet another external reporting tool to keep an eye on. That means we simply give you access to our Reporting API: all transactions are passed on to you in real time and you can easily view the data from your existing Business Intelligence solution.

Yes! Telcos today are very interested in bringing new, interesting digital content to their subscribers. This means telcos are interested in promoting the launch of PayRead for your publication in their marketing channels. Get in touch for more information.

Yes. PayRead has been built in a way so that its architecture would be very similar to your existing card-based payment processing solution and as easy to integrate as possible for your development team. If you’re interested in more specific feature availability, get in touch.

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