How does it work?


PayRead relies on our telco and digital wallet partners (more than 300 of them) who give us permission to identify their users and collect payments from them. One integration with PayRead gives you the same capability when a user wants to create an account or make a payment to you. Works for any device owner, whether they’re browsing from the web or inside an app.

Once you decide to launch PayRead, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager and an integration manager. These people will work with you to ensure a smooth integration, testing and launch process. If your payments solution is outsourced, we are also happy to work together with your development partner. No extra charges for any of this.

Yes! Telcos and digital wallets are very interested in bringing new, interesting digital content to their subscribers. This means they are interested in promoting the launch of PayRead for your publication in their marketing channels. Get in touch for more information.

On mobile devices, we are able to detect the user’s phone number automatically, which means users do not have to enter any additional information to sign up or confirm payments. On desktop devices, we ask the user for their phone number, which they will then confirm with a PIN-code sent to their mobile device.

Payments through carrier billing and activating bundle offers are available to the entire user base of the mobile operator by default, both those on monthly plans as well as those using prepaid SIM cards. The only exceptions are minors and corporate customers, for whom payments are barred. With digital wallets, payments are available to all users.


PayRead manages the fully localized authentication and payment flows on our side, so you only need to integrate our SDK or web widget.

PayRead lets you easily change the price of the content that you sell, and also the duration of subscriptions. Without any additional technical work, you can easily configure 2-for-1 deals, discounts, giving users free trial months etc.

After each payment, the user receives an SMS message with details about the purchase (price, duration etc). In this message, we also provide instructions on how to unsubscribe: this can either be done by replying with a specific SMS message or visiting a web link where the user confirms their opt-out.

Fortumo provides you with a Refund API through which you notify us of refunds. Our platform passes this information on to the mobile operator who either removes the charge from their monthly phone bill or adds the amount back to their prepaid SIM card.


You can launch bundle partnerships with both telcos and other merchants on our platform. In both cases, the user’s mobile identity and carrier billing are used to to verify their entitlement and charge them after the promotional period runs out.

Yes, in addition to traditional bundle deals, you can also provide telcos and other digital merchants with a reselling solution of your product. For example, telco customers can purchase a subscription to your publication on the telco’s own website.

Most merchants using our platform for bundling direct users to a (mobile) landing page. Beside that, we also support bundle activations through SMS, USSD, IVR and offline channels (such as retail and helpline agents).


PayRead manages the fully localized authentication and payment flows on our side, so you only need to integrate our SDK or web widget. Please refer to our Unified SDK documentation.

No, carrier billing and digital wallet payments can be integrated through the same solution. Please refer to our Unified SDK documentation.

Yes, if you wish to simplify the user sign-up process and create their account based on their phone number instead of their email account, you can do that through PayRead. The guide for how to use our Unified SDK solution for that can be found here.

Yes. PayRead has been built in a way so that its architecture would be very similar to your existing card-based payment processing solution and as easy to integrate as possible for your development team. If you’re interested in more specific feature availability, get in touch.


Most companies we work with prefer to fetch information on payments directly into their own business intelligence solutions. For this purpose, we provide you with a Reporting API which passes information on all transaction on to you in real time. If you do not wish to use the Reporting API, the same data is also provided to you through an analytics dashboard.

We provide you with full information about each transaction: the user’s phone number, status of the transaction (charged, failed, reserved, refunded), transaction size, service bought and in case of a failed payment, the reason for why the payment failed (insufficient balance, spend limit reached, account barred etc).


There are no sign-up or recurring fees for using PayRead’s platform. We operate purely on a revenue share basis, taking a small cut from each user authentication and transaction. Get in touch so we can provide you with a custom proposal.

All authentication and payment related notifications sent to users are free of charge. If you wish to use our Messaging Platform for marketing purposes, we charge a flat fee for each transaction. For marketing communication, the fees for each country are dependent on your messaging volume.

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