People want to sell on your marketplace. Make promoting their ad easier through microtransactions.

Carrier billing & digital wallets unlock new revenue from 3 billion sellers.

Carrier billing and digital wallets do not create friction in the payment flow: no need for a new account, no need to put down the device to find a credit card, no need to type in a bunch of personal data.

The simplicity of carrier billing & digital wallets means new paying sellers:

“Carrier billing provides our users in high growth markets with an accessible payment method.”

November 2019

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PayRead reduces the complexity of your checkout flow multiple times:

Credit card flow:

Carrier billing & digital wallet flow:

Less steps = Lower drop-off = More paying users

Buy an ad upgrade in just a few steps. See it for yourself:

What else is there?


Persistent identity

After the first purchase, payment info is stored for future purhcases.

Native checkout flows

Adaptive checkout flows: desktop, mobile web & apps. Works with Worpdress.

Global localization

Payment flows that support more than 50 languages & 40 currencies.

Promotional pricing

Payread has built-in support for discounts and free crediting.

Detailed reporting

Import payments data into your BI tools through our Reporting API.


Global SMS platform for receipts, reminders and marketing messages.

See PayRead documentation.
Get total control in just a few lines of code.

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