Grow your audience through telco and digital merchant partnerships.

Acquire new users and convert them into paying customers through partner services.

When you partner up with telcos, streaming services and other digital merchants, these partners will be able to include your newspaper as part of their offering.

Launch scalable offers.

It also works in reverse: if you want to offer your readers perks from these partners for subscribing, PayRead helps you launch the offers in a scalable manner.

Frictionless conversion
to subscriptions.

Once the promotional period runs out for the consumer, they are seamlessly transferred onto a paying subscription through carrier billing.

PayRead’s platform takes care of all the technical complexities of launching these partnerships:



Web-based flows, text messages, USSD, mobile apps & vouchers.


User eligibility for the offer through their mobile identity.

Offer management

Duration of promotional offer & billing details after the promotion.

Haven't done bundle partnerships in the past?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Telco bundling for user acquisition and marketing
Spotify included with New York Times subscriptions
WSJ & The Times Digital Subscription Bundle

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